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Start day 03/08/2018
End date 03/08/2018
Start time15:00
Price 400.00 kr
Information WHEN: 3 AUG 15:00-18:00 WHAT:What makes Cats classes unique are not necessarily the particular asana thats practiced, but in how youre guided to connect within to experience yourself in a deeper and more revelatory manner. We will utilize meditation, breath, hatha, and a slower-vinyasa style as we journey through the body. Feel your pelvic floor and the entire core of yourself in a whole new way physically, emotionally, and energetically. Learn how to skillfully work with your breath that will not only help transform your body physically, youll gain access to your subtle body and enrich, refresh, and release on mental, emotional, and energetic levels. Cat works in a very present and intuitive way, seeing and feeling energy, and often makes more subtle energetic adjustments to assist your embodiment. She will guide you into sensing the undercurrents or the subtle energetics of your body, and gain awareness of your deeper sense of self. This is a great way to establish a mindful foundation in your practice if youre newer on the mat. If youve been practicing for a while, this will help you access new ways to connect into your body. For those with chronic tension or pain, you will find a refreshing way to ease this area. A class with Cat is both deeply healing and equally inspiring as blockages on many levels can be transformed and the current of joy reawakened. Come prepared to practice and play in a new way! This class will be both nourishing, clarifying, and strengthening. Youll leave feeling grounded and inspired. WHO: Cat Kabira HOW MUCH: 250 FULL ON / 400 ALL OTHERS - package price all 3 WS 700 FULL ON/ 1100 ALL OTHERS
Booking inverval 2018-04-27 18:29 - 2018-08-04 00:00
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