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Workshops & courses FREE FLOW YOGA with Josefine Bengtsson & Niki Lundberg
Start day 24/06/2019
End date 24/06/2019
Start time00:00
Price 400.00 kr

How can we find a way to move from our heads and into our bodies on the yoga mat?
Join Josefine and Niki for a class with the Vinyasa yoga as a base but where we let go of performance,
perfection and the pursuit of attaining a specific goal - a class where we connect with our breath,
move with the natural rhythm of our bodies and focus on the feeling rather than the thinking.
It's time to find the balance between steadiness and ease, holding and letting go and to dig a little bit deeper
into ourselves and our inner truth. During the class we will mix and match traditional yoga with other
exciting techniques - of course in a fun and playful way.


Coming from a background of studies at Stockholm School of Economics and a work as a strategy consultant -
a life driven by in the mind, Josefine is today alive and fully dedicated to guide you into your body, heart and soul.
Most of the year she lives together with nature teaching yoga retreats around the world but sometimes she also shares her energy
at her favorite place in Stockholm, Urban Om. For years, she has dedicated her life to understand herself and others by diving deeply
into the aspects of yoga and also into the more let go practices of Osho by taking part in process like Path of love and Training for Live.
In her practice and classes she is mixing and matching both worlds in an playful yet deep way. She is a total believer that the controlling
aspect of yoga can provide us with the courage to eventually jump and let go - start living from our true essence.

Niki came in contact with yoga during a busy time of her life, trying to balance studies and work, and fell in love with the way it moved
her closer to her inner self. From that day yoga has taken her a beautiful journey from Sweden and into the world; running workshops,
retreats and trainings in Malaysia, Thailand, India and Australia. In her own practice as well as when she teaches, she loves to play with
different traditions and tools that helps us let go of whatever holds us back and that encourages, or even forces us, into our bodies and
the present moment. Niki believes that to heal this crazy world we have to start with ourselves first, therefore sharing yoga in a deep yet
playful way has become her purpose in this life - when we start to open our hearts on the yoga mat, everything around us suddenly begin
to change too and from that place magic can arise.


24 JUNI 17:30 - 20:00
Booking inverval 2019-02-16 00:00 - 2019-06-25 00:00

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