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Start day 04/03/2020
End date 08/03/2020
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Price 7 950.00 kr
Information Urban OMs Restorative Teacher Training

Restorative yoga is a therapeutic style developed from Iyengar yoga, designed to heal the whole bodys system from stress, trauma, disease and injuries.
In this practice props support the body into deep and complete relaxation through various postures. When our system doesnt need to hold and protect us,
we can release that tension and work towards healing instead. It is the same force that holds which heals. We allow the intelligence of our bodies to do the work
in this practice of non-doing.

Together well face common misinterpretations of and resistances to restorative yoga as a practice:
Is this really yoga? What do we actually practice? It doesnt look like were doing anything.
Do we need this? Isnt sleeping enough?
Oh yes, this is very different from unconscious sleep. Oh yes, we need this! Theres nothing easy about this style of yoga; I usually express these classes
as my most advanced. So we will take it slow and step-by-step!

Personally experience the effects of restorative yoga.
- How can you become your own best caretaker? Well investigate several methods for supporting your own practice, as well as look at what different
bodies and systems need for each individuals ultimate effect.
- Well breakdown a specific sequence of settling into the practice.
- What does it feel like when our autonomic nervous system shifts from sympathetic to parasympathetic? What is happening in our bodies?
How can we consciously support this shift?
- Our focus will be on the vagal transmitted control of the parasympathetic nervous system.
- We will explore deep-relaxation, Yoga Nidra and breathing techniques that calm our system and prepare for deep stillness.

Tools for how to share this beautiful practice.
- What is our purpose? What do I, as a teacher, bring into the room? How can I be of service here?
- We will play with how to sequence a class, to guide others in relaxation and meditation, to build our muscles of PRESENCE and AWARENESS,
and to support without disturbing.
- How do we leave space and silence without leaving the room of our presence?
- We will guide each other in various restorative flows with particular themes, assisting in finding the shape most suitable and supportive for each unique
form. We are reading others bodies, rather than listening to our minds.

Our knowledge of the autonomic nervous system will be deepened when discovering and discussing:
- the hypothalamic origin of the sympathetic nervous system
- the emotional influences of the limbic areas of the brain (limbiska loben)
- the consequences of how habitual stress patterns affect mobility of the thoracic diaphragm
- the hypofysen- pituitary gland- the master gland of the endocrine system

Very limited places to ensure maximum student attention
After the training you will have the tools to start teaching restorative and relaxing classes

Attending all the hours in the training is required to earn your certification.

7.500 + 6% VAT

4-8 MAR 2020
WHO: Sofia Elmström has been a yogini since 1997 and a teacher since 2001. For the last 8 years shes been leading yoga teacher trainings in Stockholm, both 200 hours and shorter programs. Appreciated for her responsiveness, competence and wonderful energy, Sofia challenges you to stay fully present within your body and breathing in the slow, soft movement. She burns to explore the small details in the depths of mind and body, helping to find your center and intentions on and off the mat.
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