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Workshops & courses BURN with TALIB
Start day 12/06/2020
End date 12/06/2020
Price 400.00 kr
Information WHAT:
It's time to BURN in Stockholm again.

This evening will be an opportunity let go, get wild, travel deep and reconnect with our Path of Love community and fellow travellers.
Let's awaken that inner space which unites us all and dive into the magic which happens when we all come together.

This event is for Path of Love Graduates only!

For those who want, we will go out for a drink after to hangout and celebrate together.

NOTE: All the income from this BURN will be donated to the scholarship fund of Path of Love Scandinavia to support the next group of people ready to jump
into the work. So your payment will support this work to be available to many more!

Talib Fishers workshops develop emotional intelligence with important people in our lives. People who long to discover the richness within themselves,
for life and to relate with more awareness, receive a safe environment to explore and learn.


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