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Workshops & courses A TASTE OF PATH OF LOVE with TALIB & SHUBHAA
Start day 05/06/2020
End date 05/06/2020
Price 400.00 kr
Information WHAT:
This introductory event allows you to find out how and why Path of Love is truly life-changing.

Established 22 years ago in India, now in 14 countries around the world, and in 6 languages, the Path of Love 7 Day residential retreat
has helped thousands of people to make profound and lasting shifts towards living a more fullfilling and passionate life.

We all have a longing for love and to be seen and heard. This event will awaken that longing inside of you and ignite your passion to live
with an open heart. We will embrace meditations, inner inquiry, movement and teachings that will give you a taste of what Path of Love
offers through a first hand experience.

Talib and Shubhaa Fishers workshops develop emotional intelligence with important people in our lives. They have been working together since 2006,
sharing their experiences as a couple, parents and their passion for personal development. People who long to discover the richness within themselves,
for life and to relate with more awareness, receive a safe environment to explore and learn.

5 JUN 18.00-21.00

2 for 1 FULL ONS & Graduates

Set number of participants

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