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Workshops & courses BE WOMAN TRAINING with Sharada, Petra and Nathalie
Start day 06/08/2018
End date 12/08/2018
Price 7,900.00 kr
Information BE WOMAN TRAINING WHAT: Join Sharada, Petra & Nathalie, three powerful dedicated women who share their love and passion to empower women in this first module of the Devi Training dedicated to the goddess of Knowledge & Sacred Arts. A complete program especially put together for women who are looking for deep healing and growth in all aspects of the sacred feminine; honouring, valuing, bonding in the spirit of woman, sister and motherhood. Daily morning self care, yoga, ritual, mantras and meditation practices will support in finding a healthy routine for ones daily life. Teachings & practices that are based in the Vedic Tradition, Jungian Psychology, contemporary education on healthy sexuality and tools for holding and creating a sacred and safe space for women to come together to heal, nourish & bloom are awaiting you. As well as intimate ceremonial sharing circles, we call them Devi Circles will be an essential part of this training. In the Vedic Vision, I am everything I want to be already; loved, adored & wanted here and now. In this discovery that I am the source of love & happiness I am a free person with the ability to accommodate and care for others with compassion & understanding free from any judgments. This training is for you if you are desiring to know the true meaning of Devi, the sacred feminine, live from an open heart fearlessly and ever fully embracing, validating and respecting what is. WHO: Sharada, Petra Kalla & Nathalie WHEN: 6-12 AUG 2018 HOW MUCH: 7900 SEK

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