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Workshops & courses ALL NIGHT GONG BATH
Start day 19/10/2018
End date 20/10/2018
Price 1,000.00 kr
Information WHAT: Crystal Pyramids and Bowls concert and All Night Gong

Concert and over Night experience with Sounds and Vibrations.
6 master gong players will play throughout the night! You just sleep and relax on a mattress!
It will be opened by a 1 hour Crystal Bowls and a Pyramids concert.
You will be "bathed" in the sound of waves of gongs for 5 hours continuously.
As the powerful vibrations and harmonics wash over you, they will induce deep relaxation,
altered states of consciousness and help to release tension and blockages in the body.
Expect to emerge revitalized and rejuvenated in the morning.

1000kr per person per mattress
Price includes: Mattress, pillow, towel for shower, breakfast

21.00 OCT 19 - 07.00 OCT 20

Set number of participants

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