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Workshops & courses 50 H Deepening Training for teachers & students with Ratheesh
Start day 01/02/2020
End date 29/03/2020
Price 9 540.00 kr
Information WHAT:
In this education we will cover general alignment and understanding of asana, we will get into the why and the what of postures, looking at the purpose and
benefits of specific poses. Also taking it to a deeper level to understand the self mirrored in your practice, and how we can use touch as a way to unblock
resistance. How can we fit the asana to the person using modifications and props.

Meet Ratheesh, yoga teacher, healer, above all, always in service. Indian by birth. Steeped in Ayurveda from day one. Ratheeshs teaching and profound
way of assisting students with kindness and respect touches people deeply.
Ratheesh says of himself that he is just a servant of the great customs and rituals who follows in the footprints of millions of yogis, and healers who walked
upon the face of India.

9000 SEK + 6% VAT

1-3 FEB
27-29 MAR

Set number of participants

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