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Workshops & courses 50 H Pranayama, medtation and chanting teacher training
Start day 03/04/2020
End date 03/05/2020
Price 9 540.00 kr
Information WHAT:
According to the yogic knowledge, prana is what provides life and existence for all beings on earth and the devotion to pranadevata (god of prana).
The practice of pranayama is to learn to expand the inner mystery of the yogic body to store and control the vital forces, exhaling the maximum to
decarbonize the human fleshly cells.

Study and practice of pranayama will prolong health and vitality, bring the immune system to a stronger state, and it also has a nature of healing any
underlying mental emotional or physical conditions of the body.

Studying these limbs of yoga: pranayama, meditation and chanting, has us returning to our natural mind and leaves us with luster of truth and joy that is
always inside of us eternally.

Meet Ratheesh, yoga teacher, healer, above all, always in service. Indian by birth. Steeped in Ayurveda from day one. Ratheeshs teaching and profound
way of assisting students with kindness and respect touches people deeply.
Ratheesh says of himself that he is just a servant of the great customs and rituals who follows in the footprints of millions of yogis, and healers who walked
upon the face of India.
APR 3-5
MAY 1-3

9000 SEK + 6% VAT
OBS! This training is for teachers only

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